History Repeating At Pace

After yet again being informed  by an LNP pundit that “Australia is going cashless anyway” – a poor attempt to avoid debate on the reality of the CDC’s current impact on Social Security recipients and a clear indication of where this government thinks it is proceeding without mandate, we offer our view of  the recent news that transactions in cash over 10K are to be banned by July 2019.

As this recent article via Gizmodo notes, the decision to limit cash transacting, will affect small businesses considerably,  with associated knock on effects to the entire community at large, which beggers belief they were not included in the LNP’s announcement. Yet this explains to us at least, why the LNP have had no concerns whatever for the impacts of the Cashless Debit Card [CDC] on small businesses either.

Again we see in the government arguments for this decision, the classic and faux assumptions and presumptions that are modus operandi to the LNP media team in action, when they use the pretext of ‘containing criminal behaviour‘ as the sole media focus, and ignore any other repurcussions of this decison in the wider community entirely.

In that alone, they are DOING IT AGAIN. They are using the same playbook tactic of ‘ look here/ignore there’ media manipulation they used on Social Security recipients in the public CDC debate; the same use of blanket generalisations and doing exactly what they did to gain public acceptance of the CDC – manufacturing consent – and no one or few it seems are even looking.

This decision,  like the decisions made to initiate and roll out the CDC, as we noted a year ago, are  not just an attack on Social Security and recipients of benefits, nor just about our personal rights already lost. We see in this encroachment by government the start of a direct attack on small business and low to middle income Australia itself and the fundemental rights of ALL Australians to be treated and considered equally under law.

In essence, these decisions to limit the economic and social freedoms of Australian taxpaying citizens are an ideologically driven right wing assault on us all, one we believe is being driven by the same corporate interests and groups with the same intentions and ideology that funded both sides and profited most from WW2. Indeed several current sponsors of the IPA, the LNP party funding base, are members of these same transational organisations and associations today!

Far from hyperbole, our assertion here is one based on reasoned and documented fact combined with an educated and profound insight into history and political patterns and behavior over the last century. We are not the only group to make this realisation that we *are* on the cusp of seriously transformative events, and given the mandate of the CDC, we are already losing our once legal freedoms. People do need to remain aware of that, it is not some dystopian future-scape – these restrictions and reductions are  happening right NOW.

We who are on or are facing CDC, know already that we are just the test bed for this modernised version of corporate Fascism, we are just the testing ground, and only the first to face the consequences YOU will all no doubt be facing soon enough should the LNP return to power and programs like the CDC continue to mission creep incrementally and expand their reference terms to include more and more people.

What they can do to us, what they have already done to us in a heartbeat of political pretext, trickery, lies and population opinon engineering through media, they can do to YOU  or any group at ANY time with a similar stroke of the legislative pen.

You are NOT immune.

It is of course, all ‘very legal’ and  on surface glance the pretexts being used seem so very sound. However legal does NOT mean it is good or that it is right, and we are reminded that under German law in 1933, the segregation and ghettoisation of the Jewish community and the Holocaust was ‘very legal’ too, and in the mechanisms of the CDC roll out and process, we do see stark echo’s of that past at work in this goverments eager willingess to dehumanise, segregate and demonise Social Security recipients today.

We social security recipients have already lost our equality and freedom under law and with ONE stroke of a pen…..just one. Stolen in a blink, to the thunderous applause of our enemies, and the silence of our friends. If our rights and freedoms as taxpaying citizens weren’t worth the effort of fighting for, are yours?

You had better decide fast too, as this government growsn increasingly desperate leading up to the next elections and there is no garuntee of security in that process. Also true, is that we who are already bearing the costs of your silence and inaction are fast running out of capacity, will, energy and position to defend you from your  media massaged and maintained ignorance.

We are not seeking to attack you. We do and compassionately comprehend the scale and the forces at play in our society right now. We know however, that the German people didn’t ‘see’ what was happening in their nation either as they like most Australians now, they were “in it” and so too close to see the wider view. Those that did come to see, later admitted to ‘singing more loudly’ in their churches as the screams from camps invaded their towns. Their entire nation and millions of lost lives still stand as testimony of the cost of that willful ignorance, inaction, shortsightedness and the price of apeaseing a rogue government.

What will you do? What line will need to be crossed for you to act?

We can only counsel that whatever you chose to do, do act soon and while you still can and have the freedom and rights in law to do so.
The LNP did not insert those fences at Parliament house for no reason. They know. They like us see all too well that the #stormscoming .

Time to stand up.




Author: thesaynoseven


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