Conversation bewteen our SNSAdmin and Mr Rick Wilson MP.

PLEASE NOTE:  A decision has been made by admins to snip all but the last two posts for brevity ( …… ) as they contained no information pertinant to the fact that Mr Wilson knew there were problems or us detailing problems.

Mr Wilson knew of these cases and yet and said nothing in media, and it appears by the Ministers comments yesterday, that he has not informed Dan Tehan of the existence of these problems either.

While the conversation was engaged in private messenger, at no time did Mr Wilson indicate to us this conversation was off the record.

We are not seeking to defame Mr Wilson in any way.  Our aim is only to underscore our argument that problems do exist in the Goldfields region CDC roll out process and that Mr Wilson knew about these problems prior to the media article released yesterday by the ABC.

We concede from the outset that Mr Wilson has assisted some people we referred and some that self referred, that is not at question or the point of our post today.

These messages were exchanged during the time period 7/5/2018 – 14/5/2018.




Mr Wilson, these two families are in urgent need of assistance and exemption from the CDC trial. Politics and even card positions aside, we are asking that you please examine these cases and assist these two families to get the support and help they need. These families both meet criteria for a well being exemption and are being put through hell instead. Conscious cruelty is never acceptable and these people need an intervening action immediately, especially Bev and her acutely disabled son. – admin, SNS.

[ A video link to the CDC No Card page was provided and a confirmation email was sent.]

Dear ……..  I have also responded to an email on this matter to the effect that I cannot open this video, so cannot comment on its content other than to say


Hello. Inaccessible links are likely the result of blocking people from posting on your Facebook we would suppose. If you unblock NAME REDACTED specifically, you may be able to see it and hear what is being said. We will pass on the information however one of the families HAS engaged with the local office and 5 weeks later is still being given the run around the other only found out about such a center even existing last week, such as been the deplorable information provision. 


There has been considerable media about the opening of the support offices…Former Minister for Human Services, Alan Tudge MP and I visited Boulder on opening day and it was on the front page of the Kalgoorlie Miner.



Well Mr Wilson, this mother of a 70% brain damaged adult child that cant talk speak or move as he is a double amputee didn’t get your media or press releases. Perhaps she was too busy or any number of reasons why she may not have seen any of it.
I note you still have not provided any information to assist me in contacting this constituent or enhancing the DSS process.I have not been contacted by this constituent, but have forwarded your concerns to the DSS for them to attempt to track down this particular case.Please provide her contact details or ask her to contact me directly if you truly wish to be of assistance.
Mr Wilson both families have the contact details, and we are helping them to help themselves. More information is not what they need. They have the information. Answers is what they need and answers are not forthcoming from the contact numbers given. So we are assisting them where we can directly and indirectly, as we said we would. If you would like to do something useful, you may want to look into the situation at Bega which is a growing sore that needs attention. – snsAdmin.


RICK WILSON: I have never been approached by anyone with the issues you described, and you consistently refuse to share the information that will allow me to help them. Likewise I have not been approached with any issues about Bega. I have the ear of the Ministers responsible for the issues and accusations you are describing, but you do not appear keen to facilitate any assistance I can offer.

ADMIN:  We have already passed on your contact details on Mr Wilson, and without breeching confidentiality we CAN’T share information of a personal nature with you than what has already been shared by these families themselves on the pages they have written to. What more can we do for you? Why should we need to do your job at all?
One of the families mentioned was in the Kalgoorlie CDC office yesterday, what more can SHE do? These are NOT “accusations” we are relaying to you, they are peoples own shared stories made on a PUBLIC page anyone can read for themselves.

My office has contacted “Bev” through Facebook…I cannot make her accept my assistance. You would be doing my constituents and the CDC participants you claim to care about, a huge favor if you helped rather than hindered this process. It makes one question your motives (?).



Mr Wilson. That you would resort to this gutter, to question our motives and insinuate about us as you are, says more about you than us.




Mr Wilson I direct your attention to another desperate case in Kalgoorlie that requires immediate attention. A mother of two, a woman with intellectual disabilities, Brenda is struggling severely after being placed on the card and requires immediate support and intervention.



ADMIN: I am happy to concede that much at this time at least in regards to responses we have received and in the appearance of it. We know the people you are speaking off and assistance provided there as well which is why we have made the effort to approach you today at all. I know you are also unaware of the flood of mail we receive on a daily basis from your region from people who simply cannot cope, and until now you did not know we have, since the first announcement in February, had to support 14 people from your region who were at immediate suicide risk. One, only two nights ago has since fled the area and there is little now we can do.

As for Bev, Bev helped herself after being provided facts and procedure information she could use. Bev was too irate to speak with you and was able to gain her own exemption for her son on her own which was the better outcome in any case.  – SnsAdmin.


It would be greatly appreciated if you can encourage people to contact my office directly…We are local, and can assist in other areas you may not have experience in. For example, a recent CDC participant felt her only issue was accessing on-line shopping….it turns out she is probably eligible for HACC assistance with not only shopping, but transport, gardening, housecleaning, etc. Somehow she had not been made aware of this by her GP or other service providers. BTW she has also been enabled to access on-line shopping, but in addition connected to even greater local support.



Rick, we have tried, we have even begged people to do just that. To contact your office and flood you with their problems and to contact local service providers. You seem to not comprehend though, that people do not trust you any longer; not when this card represents to almost all of us, the removal of our personal autonomy and basic freedom of choice and worse. In the wholesale slandering of Social Security recipients by you and your government in media, you are undercutting the very objectives you just stated you wish to meet.
What you have stated here alone, is proof that community attention and effort to engage actual people, works to better peoples livesnot that the card is working or useful at all, as all the card has done little but created pain and confusion which is clear by our own inbox and the pages trying to stop the roll out or at least, impact the national CDC debate.

One more major point to note, is local services are as yet still quite uninformed especially about DSP needs and of the Indue terms and conditions requirements. That does need addressing urgently. Indue’s terms are what restrict accounts and service group illiteracy in that area is a growing concern and major part of why people aren’t feeling supported.


[ Side point to note, several people we have spoken to have reported trying to access contacts and services provided by Rick and have been turned away, or were given rote replies or non-answers that are not useful to them and havent helped clear confusion.several people have written they were denied help outright. Though there have been a  few sucesses, most with unresolved complaints are reporting they have been flatly referred back to the Department and CDC reps who have not read Indue’s terms and condtions  are sending people to DSS and DSS is sending them to Indue, and back again/visa versa. The ping pong match continues]


RICK WILSON ( full post):
Let me know if you want me to provide contact details for any of the above CDC support centres, Shires or MPs if they do not want to contact me directly. I have become the poster boy for imposing this on my community, but there is considerable back story, which is available in my speeches on this matter, and local media. There are severe social issues everyone experiences in the Goldfields as a result of welfare driven drug and alcohol abuse and gambling. Most people on welfare payments should not experience hardship unless their welfare money is being mis-used.This is a trial…Let’s see if it can have an effect where nothing else yet has. I think people are being brainwashed into thinking this is a punishment, yet almost every element of society is trending towards a cashless lifestyle.

I have a Card, and I am using it everywhere I can to ensure it works and to see if there is any stigma associated with it. I have not experienced vendors even noticing the difference between it and a regular card….even when it was rejected in a liquor outlet!
As far as your comments about my job to inform people….There has been considerable media over the past 2 years about the CDC as an option for the Goldfields…Then the Prime Minister announced it to our community!
Prior to its introduction, I sent mail outs to every household via Australia Post unaddressed mail, as well as every email address in my database, there was a hard copy and electronic petition, all with full information. The community has engaged the whole time. There has been over 270 face-to-face community consultations and hundreds of emails directly answering queries. As mentioned the DSP, medical, business and other service providers as well as local government authorities are all well informed and supportive. The CDC team here in the Goldfields is working hard to ensure card participants can continue to access the services and purchases they always have. I appreciate Yu referring people to wherever they feel most comfortable seeking help.

ADMIN ( Full Post):

[ At this point I lost it, he didn’t seem to comprehend despite being given direct links to pages, that people were already reporting openly and publicly on their self support pages that they had not been able to participate in any surveys conducted, that entire communities had been overlooked in the mail out. People were and still are reporting that they have been blocked by him from repeating that fact on social media. He didnt seem to comprehend that people were being turned away from services, or that most people on the page were expressing that they were feeling punished, and were describing real emotions they were experiencing, not being brainwashed by anyone. He was essentially gaslighting them and us, and this got me mad. Except for a few condescending remarks,  he didnt seem concerned for the people at all only how the rollout went. Not one person on any page, group or email contact we have made, has reported being ‘enaged’ by Mr Wilson in ANY of the processes leading up to the Card roll out or events subsequently. “The community” consultation it seems didn’t include the views or input of Social Security recipeints themselves from the onset.  snsadmin]

Show us your facts Mr Wilson as regards WELFARE DRIVEN alcoholism et al. In Kununurra it amounted to just 44 people who are STILL causing trouble and drinking now even after 2 years on CDC so please show us YOUR data or stop making false claims. To date we have had NO claim of this nature backed up by verified data, no one has.

People are experiencing hardship in the first instance because this card is removing their PERSONAL FREEDOMS Mr Wilson. CHOICE, SELF DETERMINATION, their RIGHTS under law. These are significant HARMS you are refusing to even acknowledge and they are just more of the same Andrew Forrest straw-man arguments in any case.

It is not up to governments to dictate how anyone uses their income. Australia is being forced into a cashless society Mr Wilson it has not agreed to it or voted for it. LNP are taking license where no mandate has been given to them. This card forces Australian taxpaying citizens to contract with a private corporation AGAINST THEIR WILL, that is the very definition of fascism! As a granddaughter of ANZACS and a sister daughter and mother of service men who have fought and died for MY freedom you insult me by the premise this is in any way acceptable!

YOUR CARD IS NOT RESTRICTED Mr Wilson. See our argument on that here:

This political STUNT is not useful! In your position of course YOU face no stigma, and the use of the card or colour of it is not the only stigma attached to the process or the card in public use either! You cannot possibly be that shortsighted or simple-minded!

When I posted your comment on consultation on my private page, the response was laughter and then rage from people in YOUR community not just my learned friends. You are ignoring the fact you did not include or consult with people who were to be impacted by the card BEFORE DECIDING to roll out the card MR WILSON and you blocked their feedback on your Facebook page so you KNOW that there was significant backlash!

Your failure to include centrelink recipients as EQUAL MEMBERS OF YOUR COMMUNITY from the GET GO has made ANY claim you make to consultation thereafter a sad and sick joke.

Please see OUR arguments tabled in Senate on the issue of the MAJORITY of centrelink recipients the ‘rest of us’ those you are degrading and belittling and infringing upon for NO JUST REASON.

Out of the 189 submissions the Senate committee received the vast majority are against the card and have major concerns. Our government and YOU have chosen to ignore this!

EVERY LEADING WELFARE AGENCY IN THE COUNTRY IS OPPOSED TO THIS CARD! An unqualified known felon and vested corporate interest who openly took money from drug runners to get his first start-up going and his pack of LNP political pundits with no social welfare experience or qualifications whatsoever do NOT have the background or education to be determining impact and outcomes for ANYONE!

See the absolute FARCE of card restrictions and at least CONSIDER the cost to your community in active predation by the cashed up and evil, already visible in current zones in rapes of children, store owner grafting and manipulation by companies and businesses. These realities are being experienced NOW and impacting people on income support directly. People have already been charged with these predatory crimes! Yet you ignore them!!!

Just last week your government paid $12,000 dollars to put one woman on the CDC in Kalgoorlie who receives just $12 a fortnight top up payment! DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A REASONABLE EXPENDITURE OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS TO YOU?


If you wish to speak with us again, drop the party line, drop the Forrest mandated speeches and lies and just be a human. We don’t have time to sit here and counter each of your already well undermined and ignorance perpetuating claims. You are hanging yourself and we have said don’t..we have said stop…so the consequences and FULL measure of those, is on your head not ours.

I withdraw my earlier concession Mr Wilson. It is very clear from your last message that you have no idea of the issues beyond party dogma, you do not care to nor do you have any insight into the conditions being faced by your community members, and do not wish to discuss the structural cultural or social impacts of the CDC and its costs to your community and the Social Security recipient cohort as a whole. When and if that ever changes, we will be happy to again consider you informed and willing to assist.


And here are just some of the other voices of your community responding to CDC impacts in their lives.’ Most won’t experience hardship?’ It is very clear that all but a very secure and well equipped few are experiencing CDC life differently to what you think.    – SnsAdmin


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