A rebuttle by the SNS to a recent press artcile by Mr Keith Pitt member for Hinkler. Located here:


Dear Mr Keith Pitt

75% of the ” people that have contacted my office” – is not a representative statistic of your community, nor is it submissible data in any sense. It also stands a pale second to public polls undertaken within the Hinkler community local media that place your regions response at minimum 81% against the roll out in Bundaberg, 85% against in Hervey Bay and 82% on a second one for Hinkler as a whole, the one you yourself called for.
[See images attached below.]

Your much lauded “survey”, where actual voting privilges only existed in one of three flyers delivered – voting rights only extended at all to select and LNP friendly households; has already been tabled in the Senate and stands on the Hansard record, as evidence of your consistant inability to act honourably within your own electorate and to tell the truth in national and local media and from the floor of parliament over the last twelve months.

There is no one considered informed of this situation, who is not also acutely aware that you are currently out of favor with the LNP party room and are desperate to regain your position and reputation. Know please, that we will support those who choose to resist you and any attempt you make to misuse your power and risk the lives of vulnerable Australians in order to acheive this goal.

The Senate has voted Mr Pitt and we feel it is about time you accepted that. They voted as late as February this year to limit trials; they have made their decision and they have made it FOR GOOD REASON.

The actions this leglislation permits are life altering for those directly impacted and their communities; the program as a whole is an unqualifed expense as yet not even disclosed to the Australian public in full; the Orima data as analysed by Dr Janet Hunt of the ANU has shown 77% no positive outcome in current trials, and the impact of the card on our small businesses and our Human Economic Privacy and Civil Rights position as a nation and as these relate to equality of a single teir citizenship reality ongoing, have far reaching structural and social implications for ALL Australians regardless of income status.

This policy is not something that CAN let alone SHOULD be ‘rushed out’ based on your personal wants and political beliefs, nor any foot stomping temper tantrum you may make in press. The CDC will remain subject to the parliamentry process and public scruitiny whether you like that, or not.

The SENATE has considered the issues and has limited “trial” locations to three regions for sound practical and moral reasons and has decided that any future roll outs to be considered must follow a set due process. Your own party has stated in the budget just two days ago, that a new evaluation must take place. Why then are you so unwilling to wait for the results and that data BEFORE endangering or risking many more lives?

That you would seek to ignore this safety measure and be so eager to risk the lives health and safety of your own constituants, speaks volumes and says a great deal about the person and politician you are and the vengence and power you are seeking in this endeavour.

As you were informed by the Queensland Teachers Union statement and in their submission to Senate Inquiry, the area teachers themselves and the families of local students have rebutted your claim that ‘ 1000 children a day’ were ‘starving’ in Bundaerg and Hevery Bay. This was a FALSE claim – intentional scare mongering and an outright lie intended to promote your Indue card position. It has no basis in fact OR in data.

As you are also more than fully aware, the Indue LTD Cashless Debit Card creates NO employment whatsoever except for Indue Ltd CEOS and associated LNP contractors and lobbyist groups. Given the cards inability to address the actual and manual issues that underly social inequality, or to magically arrest addictions, reduce crime, change social living conditions for the better or to alter aggressive globalist LNP policies that have gutted the employment sector, it cannot perform any of the miracles you are attributing to it.

It can, as forced third party income management has for the last 13 years, only ever cement poverty, create more welfare dependancy and fail to meet any objective laid out by those that support it. These are well DOCUMENTED failures, not simply our opinion.

As a tool of ideology, and functionally, it can only restrict people from accessing cash. That’s it. Structurally, where change is needed most, it does absolutely nothing for your community in the positive and offers in return only a great expense and many negatives. It will not serve your community at all, it cannot. It can only ever serve the ego and whims of those few to whom you have promised control and other incentives in order to support your and your party’s agendas and crusade.

Dare we say it Mr Pitt, if your community is in such a dire state, and conditions are so bad as you say, then what have you been doing or not doing for the last five years in office that the situation has been permitted by you to deteriorate at all ?

Surely as the Federal representative for Hinkler electorate, you more than any other person, bear full responsiblity and culpability for any conditions that may prevail, as we are sure you would equally try to claim full praise and reward were things going swimmingly. Given you are the one who is accountable, why then do you seek to make your constituants responsible and seek to force them to carry your burden and bear the cost of your inaction?

It remains, whether you like it or not, want it to or not, or are happy about it or not, because of your impatience and unwillingness to accept the Senate decison, you must present a whole new Bill to parliament in order to effect any roll out in your region.

We understand having to do that aggravates you, as losing out to a bunch of elder disabled community members in your war on facts must have been a significant embarrassment for you indeed. None the less, resistance was successful, and the current legislation reflects that victory. We don’t need sour grapes dictating political policy and proceedure. Now or ever.

This new Bill, like the last, is not garunteed passage either, it will be subject to all the same laborious parliamentry processes undertaken by hundreds of peple over the past two years in the intial crafting of the current legislation; it will add additional time and cost and waste millions of taxpayer dollars in the effort to slam it through both Senate and the House and then, into your community, as well as the costs and time for any committe or inquiry it’s appearance may justify. All the while creating more instability and insecurity in your region as it does so. Cost/benefit ratios alone demonstrate this is a selfish and reckless act.

All that needless waste of time and effort purely because you are impatient and so willing to risk lives to see your agenda served you would ignore the valid concerns of social welfare agencies, alcohol and drug experts in the field, academics and your own community. And you need only see todays reponses to your media announcement to see your own communities sentiments on the matter.

Mr Pitt. We welcome the challenge of any new legislation, especially so close to a Federal election. Be assured we will make the most of the opportunity yet again, to demonstrate the inefficacy of the CDCT program on the national stage, and to share with the general public the true impact and nature of CDC and CDCT.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss, disclose and provide verified and documented data and information about the CDC to your community and the nation, information that you have closted and denied them since the onset of the program; and we look foward to doing so with a much more informed and aware, wider national audience now engaged.


– SNS.


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