Andrew Laming trolls the SNS

After being called out on our page for his lies on Redlands and Islands community Facebook pages, Andrew Laming tries to troll the SNS:

Andrew Laming MP Hello Labor/Green voters. I just want to apologise in advance because my community will completely ignore your inner city elite attitudes. Your hash tag failed but we are entertained by you. Just a tip. Sponsor an ad, because you are getting nothing organic. Back to your lattes guys.


Our repsonse:

The Say NO Seven Mr Laming thank you for gracing our page with more of your tediousness.

Firstly, to correct this latest ignorance, our membership is pan Australian, with members in every state and territory, every region well represented. And you have just insulted, every single one of them. Good luck with that! Did we mention our post reach?

Did we also mention we are from every economic class, quite well off to abjectly poor, and come from every social and education background and class as well. Most important of all, our membership includes many people who are residing in the current CDC trial regions and in targeted regions. People you and your party have placed directly in harms way. Attempting to dismiss them off as inner city latte drinkers…not a good idea, not smart at all Andrew as, if we are nothing else, we are informed, and we are fearless.

Had you bothered to read our ‘about’ page you would know all that already and that this community is strictly a-political – our membership includes voters from every party and political mindset, even LNP members. As for admins, apart from a collective group awareness that we do indeed despise this latest incarnation of the LNP as a general rule, we have no personal political affiliations to declare whatsoever and have taken no money or material aid from any group at all, ever. We would quite happily ally with a barn door if that door opposed the CDC. The point I am making Andrew is that the CDC has done something good after all, it has united ALL of us, against one common enemy – the CDC, which our membership already know does not discriminate based on voting preferences, geographic location, personal financial competency, health status or social position. As the blanket presumption and assumption it is, the CDC effects everyone, directly and indirectly regardless of all those prior divisions.

Your lame attempt at insult here only further validates our points made above, that you are a lackluster, shameless, unsophisticated thinker with a serious lack of credibility and no place in the office of government you currently and temporarily occupy. If you are this easily baited to reveal yourself as nannygoat, we wonder how you have survived in Canberra at all. Oh wait..we know that already too. In any case, our hashtag as you say, has already been of benefit to many, especially those who now have awareness of us, and so, access to the other half of the back story to your neatly crafted CDC lies.

We’ve done our job Andrew, it’s time you and your party brethren began even at least trying to do yours.

Thanks again, when you are ready to discuss the CDC and the issue of your telling of porkies to the population, feel free to return, until then, you are just another off topic trolling pest, so please, don’t let the door hit you.

– SNS🐦

PS: We’ve just been messaged by several members who want us to remind you that thanks to your governments policies they can no longer afford the luxury of coffee. Enjoy yours won’t you.

Author: thesaynoseven

One thought on “Andrew Laming trolls the SNS”

  1. Laming got off the ferry at Macleay Island this morning and was ignored by early morning commuters. He raised his yellow flag with his name emblazoned on it. No sign of his LNP allegiance. Yes, yellow. He then realised he had got off at “the wrong island” and got back on the ferry bound for Russel Island. This is his second visit within a few weeks and he has letterboxed his glossy printed cards in every household on the island. He knows the LNP are on the nose and is desperately trying to show he cares about the SMBI’s. He doesn’t. All he cares about are his own selfish interests. Judging by the reaction of workers this morning they have no interest in this self serving tory.

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