This post lists all of our protests against the card, since June 2017

First off we had full tactical officers patrolling the original protest outside the Mantra in Hervey Bay when Keith Pitt and Alan Tudge had their chamber of commerce meeting , not opened to the public of course !

We followed up with a public meeting organised by our local Bundaberg ALP member at the time Leanne Donaldson and then followed up with 2 meetings in Hervey Bay with other ALP Bruce Saunders and then candidate Adrian Tantari, we united to get information out to the people across the region,

We then protested our council, who kept claiming it was a federal issue and they were not getting involved, we learned that was not exactly the case as our mayor had lots of meetings with the dss, for a federal issue they were not getting involved in !

Bundaberg Awareness Group against the card, started up and worked together with us in Hervey Bay, they held several protests outside Keith Pitts office and collected signatures for the first of 2 paper petitions,

In July Hinkler group were gifted a shop front to use as drop in centre until the 2nd week in Sept , we took turns in manning it to share info,

More protests around the region and Bundy were doing weekly markets and standing outside Centrelink and had a set up in the CBD to collect signatures for the petitions.


29th July We did a podcast for Fraser Coast Journal

Volunteers cut out 5000 hands to hold out hands in the sands event:

The first of the official DSS meetings was held in Bundaberg 8/8/17
The Hervey Bay DSS event was held on the 9th, both meetings were the only official meetings to tell us how it was going to be .

Bundaberg BAG continued to protest every week in the CBD while Hinkler did some markets stalls to raise awareness.

Hervey Bay held a couple of protest on the main rd through town,

1st Sept Hervey Bay and Bundaberg crews united to welcome Senator Rachel Siewert for a public meeting , and as were working as an inclusive group, our then alp candidate also spoke at the meeting,

We did more main st protests throughout sept,

Bundaberg continued protest too

Thanks to the community support we were able to travel to the Senate Enquiry in Nov in Canberra to stand up for our community you can view here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4PLzMQ5SW8&t=89s

We also attended the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra and donated 40 shirts for the people down there if they wanted to use them. as well as donating food and meeting Clinton Prior ( Spirit Walker) and some really nice people welcomed us to attend the huge opening of their meeting for the first nations peoples of this land,

We ended the drop in centre: then we travelled every week to join Bundaberg crew with their weekly CBD protests with our new petition and raised 856 signatures in approx 8 weeks doing 1 day a week and 1 or 2 days a week outside Centrelink for a couple of hours a day,

Myself and Jenni spoke to council, we got 5 mins
At least Bundaberg crew got 30 mins with their council

We held a couple of events that the weather forced us to end as it was too wet and windy etc,

We did several interviews in the media along the way, 5 in Hervey Bay and Bundaberg has done some too, many articles and letters to the editor in out local papers,

Our last protest was recently again outside Keith Pitts Office 2nd Fed, unfortunately our Feb 3 Hervey Bay protests was washed out by 35 km winds and rain, ( 5 of us toughed it out, got very wet, but cancelled for safety reasons ) that lined up with another National Protest that was held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and also Kalgoorlie

Along the way many of us have been bullied, abused, stalked, trolled and even surveilled !

Several Interviews have been done, I did 2 with 3cr breakfast radio melbourne and a 1 hr show with 4 zzz Brisbane

During the senate debates we were proud to hear Doug Cameron and Andrew Bartlett speak about our efforts during the second reading debate with regards to the CDC

We have never given up, found all manner of ways to engage community, with community events, BBQs etc, to get heard and to get the message across,

Not to mention, 100s of phone calls to ministers senators, and people putting in submissions to the senate and then the last couple of months has been solid lobbying of the senate crossbench by everyone n the hinkler page and every other group helping,

Anti Poverty network protested in Brissy for us, attended the St Vinnies sleep out in shirts to say NO,
They also held a community event in Logan recently and also made people aware of the card, again wearing our shirts,

Then on the 3rd of Feb Anti Poverty Network Qld & AUWU protested outside Indue,

So while were battling on the ground, The Say No Seven was writing many posts and getting the info out there too and helping us too,

We may have stopped the card for Hinkler for now, but we know they will try again, but we will not stop fighting for all , those already on the card, those about to go on the card, we will keep going,

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