Why was CDC approved for Goldfields, and not for Bundaberg? One view…

         Hinkler Electorate Epic Fight Back History: https://goo.gl/XhTWDf

Why was CDC approved for the Goldfields but not Bunderberg ? 


 A few other possible reasons…

1) Money. The Bundaberg/Hervey electorate budget for CDC hasn’t been approved by Senate yet, Goldfields CDC budget was approved early last year before even the Federal Opposition had a clear view on CDC much less the general public. This  despite the existance of Ceduna’s active and vocal opposition which had been shutdown by their Mayor and negated in media yes, but was present to be seen and heard in Ceduna and in other pockets of early protest by those willing to listen none the less.  As cynical as it sounds, these voices gained no media or traction, they were easily dismissed as they provided no political gain. When we came to this fight, few outside Ceduna knew anything about the CDC, or at best knew very little about the true life realities of CDC impostion.

The Government had acted very carefuly during roll outs out west and down south, and took advatange of peoples political and legislative illiteracy and social distractons. They had not shared a shred of useful information with anyone that they felt ‘did not need to know’ and in that, they had already begun to abuse their authority and postion as temporary governers.

At the start of NO Card campiagns we found we had more information about CDC than our politicans, local state and federal. Even within the LNP as we have become aware recently,  CDC issues were kept compartmentalised so no one, even now, really quite knows what’s actually going on or what the real facts are beyond  the script and discipline to adhere to it  handed to them; that is, outside a very tight and tightly controlled inner circle.

So there was just ‘ the budget request’  for them to massage through at that point, very easy to manipulate and it appears in hinsight, that it took very little creative concealment for them to do it. Going into 2016-17, and via active deception essentially, that was designed to keep the pretext in tact and to keep fine details of the program at arms length from the body politic as much as thepeople, that budget passed without a blink.

2) Action by residents. People on the ground in Hinkler got together with all opposition political and social, they crossed cultures, political prefferences, put all ideological and personal prejudices aside and stuck together, one mission one focus, no matter what was thrown at them…including a fully armed tactical division sent out to ‘contain’ a protest by 8 over 45yr old disabled women. They immediately showed up Alan Tudge and Pitt for the bullying tossers they are. They were relentless in researching facts and myth busting government propaganda, they still are out there doing that fact checking and most importantly, acively challenging every comment made about the Card and about them in media. That info is out there everywhere now, for any town to use.
They made a LOT of uncomfortable noise for Alan Tudge, a massive ammount for such a small group, about 20 active on the ground, and they educated themselves about CDC and spoke to anyone anywhere they could, despite so much ignorance and classism and members of their own community, even those meant tohelp and support them,  turning on them quite cruely. They also had to cope with a massive backlash of often organised and LNP led online trolling  against them. Basically they risked the lot, anyway,  up to and including their own personal safety in order to bring Keith Pitt  (their local LNP allied leader, much like Rick Wilson up there ) to heel and stood firm to tell the truth about CDC to the wider Australian audience. Everything gov tried to do, backfired. It was great to watch and be a part of too where I could.

3) Access to information and wider support denied. The LNP couldn’t shut down Hinklers access to FB or the net or the national press and they couldn’t divide their working groups or intimidate them via press and personal threats. They appear to have done this in Goldfields, and made use of  the social and cultural divides aka peoples own fears and prejudices against them as a weapon,  and that way, they seem to have also shut down any thought of truly creative social and cultural alternatives that do require more effort and commitment to implement than a plastic card and government sugar daddys, but they were and are still available.

Given the remote location, Gov seem to have been enabled to rely more on an already compliant pro LNP media’s cooperation by feeding them only limited information, relying on their editorial constraints and social unwillingness to rock the boat, or to challenge or even investigate their daily bread, and so unlike other towns,  the LNP totally owned the narrative up there and in that and simply by only telling people ‘good fact’…which is no relation to actual fact in case you were wondering…they conned people into thinking exactly what they wanted them to think. They lied…and tired, genuinely fed up, hating or hurting and ultimately trusting people, believed them.


Again, and along with making use of the remoteness of Goldfields, the racism factor could have been a big part too, we know that many non Aborignal people, and non addict/alcoholic people STILL have no idea what is about to hit them under the upcomming forced and blanket payment CDC rollout. So much for ‘community consultation’, many people that will be effected still seem ignorant to the fact, and as a whole, most seem to have not even been given information let alone an active role in decision making. And no doubt too Gov DSS teams played on and took advantage of this naivity, and somehow successfully divided the community, very fast, and like they have elsewhere we are sure they greased groups and busineses there into supporting the roll out, with their now well know tactic of manufacturing ” community consent”,  using  the same pretext’s and neat little give or withold funding shenanigans  they used in Kununurra and Ceduna.

As they did everywhere else that has shown any resistance, they  have again it seems actively tried  to suppress or have dismissed and negated opposition views and  voices in town, and in local and national press; something Hinkler eventually overcame through sheer persistence, and Moree through sheer cheekiness, swift action and through its Councils support for them rather than the CDC.
So people who did oppose up there, couldn’t come together, no time, no real information,  until it was too late,  though we all did see that incedibly brave and uplifting protest just this past week *waves and thanks*.

So people were not informed and kept  intentionally under or misinformed about CDC realities and maybe too much division had already been present or sowed and promises made and accepted, before anyone knew or without anyone really having any authentic history or insight into what is already going on in current sites about the withdrawl of support for CDC by many leaders there.

And there are a LOT of voices that oppose this roll out in Goldfields…we know…we hear them and they are now angry and hurt and betrayed voices that notably, did not get a free Andrew Forrest all expenses paid trip to Parliament House on Monday this week…including priority access to NXT and LNP parliamentarians – the same people who’s votes in Senate in the end, had total control over ending the trials once right then and there for everyone, or continuing them, as they voted to. Whats worse, those politiians voted to pass the Bill, without any protective provisions for the actual people being placed on cards, or any structural provisions that would have guaranteed funding and obliged Gov to evaluate the ‘trial’ and actually take care of people in it.

4) Stacking the Senate. In the end and for all the effort, the evidence we gathered the struggle while certainly worth it in many other ways, made no difference to outcomes in Parliament. Politically speaking,  Goldfields has the Card trial because LNP delayed long enough for their new independent best friend to be sworn into the senate. After which, NXT sold out to the LNP agenda and sealed the deal. The CDC program as we all proved to them,  has no internal merit of its own that can be validated by them or any respected third party, and so the only way LNP got it pushed through was by political trickery and horsetrading on our rights and freedoms with NXT.

Even with the third senator on board for LNP, we had the numbers to block. Had NXT stuck with the ALP Bill amendments, LNP would have been forced to pull the Bill or add more concession amendments to get it through or the current trials would have ended June this year. Goldfileds may still l have faced a roll out if that had been the casee though, because the LNP decided two towns hundreds of kilometers apart, were actually one trial site after all, which gave them the option under existing legislation to roll out a third site even if the Bill failed. So in a sense, what has happened this past week has at least ensured roll outs were not national and unending from the get go, so you do have the pretense of a  “trial” end date to work with if you choose to fight back or realise after the fact like so many have, that it was the wrong program to enlist.

But  you will have to stand up and fight if you want to stop this becoming permanent in your town and very likely, you will have to stepup, take the same risks everyone else has had to, and physically do that fighting on your own and oftgen very alone. We know how hard that was to do that in an urban center, and are keenly aware of the increased risk to lives that implies in remote regions. We are at least in part through our own experiences,  well informed  of the daily difficulties faced by those in remote regions, especially among communities of already dispossed and streucturally disempowered, exhausted people who do have real world problems and very few solutions or willing helpers to find any.  Just  look for catalyst moments…they come…and if you dare to, jump up and grab them. It took ten months for Hinkler to be finally heard and respected as a force…and your time starts…… Now.

If you decide to leave, or not to fight, we are the first to say we understand. WE don’t judge, we know what is at stake and what it takes. If you do want to fight though, don’t forget for a second that you are NOT alone in that. Stay Human…be your good selves…and just stick to the facts and ask for support when you need it….one mob eh?

Anyway, in the end, after the Greens dis-allowance motion failed, it was only NXT pressure to block, and the Hinkler protests and national awareness raising effort by tens of thousands seen and unseen, that meant the LNP were forced to place their own amendments into the Bill last minute at all,  which set a limit the trials to three sites instead of an immediate national roll out, and which compelled them to bring another Bill to parliament in order to go beyond June 2019 to get it back in. So, outside of the hope and opportunity for a national vote to evict the LNP next election….some chance still exists to fight the whole thing again, as much as the chance remains in Goldfields right now, to get creative in saying NO #werefuse,  right now.
They are already laying ground work for  national rollout again now…so we are not stopping….we don’t suggest anyone else do either.

So that is why….all the reasons I can think of while staying out of  larger issues of  systemic social and structural racism, disposession and ongoing political and social ignorance and inflantilisation. But the fact Goldfields contracts are only being signed right now, is clear evidence even LNP  are still making policy on the hop, and had no idea if the JLP court case would go in their favor or, if NXT would flip until the last minute. This insight is useful..to anyone oppsing this card, anywhere.
I’m still grateful for NXT’s role in forcing those LNP amendments out and ono the table, but in myself, still trying to come to grips with that late flip, being led astray by my own hopes that I placed in them and the ALP tothe the right thing, not just the politically and convenient thing. I am also still wondering why NXT and ALP together just did not simply vote yes to Senator Seiwert’s dis-allowance motion given all the evidence and harm they know is occuring and so failed despite their words,  to shut it down once and for all.

As a person facing CDC and homeless myself if this goes national, and it will if we all don’t stand up to stop it, its been gutting. And  just why NXT didn’t go The Greens motion or later, with the ALP amendments, or even why  they didn’t do a double agent style double cross and flip on LNP last minute, has never been clarified by Rebekha Sharkies office. There were ceertainly plenty of opportunity’s for them tostepup…but they didn’t. and the lack of closure on that for many of us is a pain in the ass. A pain born a bit easier knowing my son at least, can have at least one year of recovery time from his 3 year battle with cancer, before facing this issue in his life, thanks to the fight that took place to defend our young peoples human rights across Australia this has peaked last ten months.

I am watching government funding sites though, to see what dollar ammount our human rights went for….

Sorry for long post. Cheers.

SNS Ally HC.

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