• WE want government to end the CDC program as both an active trial and to cease any policies that rely on CDC as a method of compulsary/ forced third party income management entirely.


  • WE want government to stop lying about ‘null impact’, ie: we want them to stop telling everyone that there is no impact on the lives of forced ‘trial’ participants external to the restrictions imposed upon the purchase of the  ‘three evils’ [ drugs alcohol and gambling products]. We along with other 125 Australian community groups and organisations have formally presented evidence of substantial impacts of CDC to this government and they have been negated, or ignored. We want this government to address those impacts directly and meaningfully, and to inform parliament, the people, and the media genuinely, about the existance of the plethora of well documented and often horrendous social, psychological and functionality  related impacts of the CDC program in peoples lives, as they have been experienced by current trial participants across all sites and as presented to them in Senate via the 125 submissions to the Senate Inquiry in Nov 2016.


  • WE want government to admit to the serious structural and proceedural flaws in the CDC program openly,  and to place peoples lives and the lives of their carers and families, above their need to rapidly roll out this program due to coporate pressure.


  • WE want the government to clearly explain to the Australian people, exactly why this card – which is a duplication of current services available to individuals, communities AND government aready – is needed and to disclose the FULL costings of this venture to the Australian people so  THEY can judge its overall economic merit.


  • We want the government to concede, that the existence of any current need for the CDC at all, automatically demonstrates after 13 years of trialing compulsary income management, that this concept and policy has failed.


  • WE want government to cease soliciting chambers of commerce,  local councils and others, using funding to enlist their support for CDC roll outs. We want government to stop the gross abuse of power and position that its active practice of dividing people within targeted communities and for them to end their tactical funding inititives. We want government to stop manipualting funding,  proffering it to some and withholding it from those who do not agree to support CDC roll outs.


  • WE want government to TALK TO PEOPLE ACTUALLY FACING THIS SANCTION about what THEY really need and want and what is best for them and their families, and to include them in all CDC *decision making* in their communities FROM THE GET GO.


  • WE want government to admit, that the almost complete exclusion of centrelink recipients from essential CDC decision making processes as a cohort, [except in the tactical usage of specific individuals to support governments own position] demonstrates clearly that this cohort are being collectively judged, labeled AND EXCLUDED from the process based on the worst possible stereotypical interpretation of their intellectual and social capacities, and is evidence that they are being defined as a ‘class’ and by the lowest common denominator.  Blanket judgement.


  • WE want government to admit the fact that it has been intentionally avoiding engagement with income support recipients in targeted communities, and existing trial communities, and disrespectfully ignoring this cohort since the programs inception. That it has been negating the value of their opinions and experiences AND their rights to participation and political agency entirely.


  • WE want government to STOP manufacturing “community consent”. PERIOD. Stop it in the chambers of parliament, on tv and in our communities. As a tactic it obvious, it is vulgar, it is beneath contempt and only demonstrates to everyone concerned, the presence of manipulation and so, undermines THEIR authority, and peoples trust in the processes and validity of government completely.


  • WE want government to admit to the nation that “Community Leaders” under law, and individual members of a community themselves, in fact have NO LAWFUL RIGHT to speak for anyone or make decisons for anyone but their own selves. That external to legally stipulated boundaries of their office, they  may not  under law, give implied or presumed consent on behalf of any income support payment recipient at all and they may not sign any document or make any commitment wherein this consent is implied third party. The government must admit that local bodies, officals and services are not States Trustees, and as such, Councils, police, doctors, organisations and citizens are not empowerd and have no lawful authority, to adjudicate on behalf of income support recipients personal affairs or on issues of  of PERSONAL income. To remove this capacity to choose by force, to dismiss any Australians right to consent on matters that impact them directly, is to admit the CDC is a policy of intentional deprivaton of liberty, which is, to enforce the condition of slavery upon them.


  • WE want government, if it remains dedicated to CDC expansion, to enage external and independent THIRD PARTIES to evaluate the CDC program and its short medium and long term effects and to document each trial site independently. Throughout this entire process,  government has shown itself UNWILLING to engage in honest representation of facts, unwilling to listen to sound advice from any sector external to the corporate, and has shown itself entirely INCAPABLE self managing this program or being truthful about their consideration of social and individual CDC impacts and the problems in the system and program wider.


  • WE want independent UN HRC observers or similar non state actors enlisted in trial locations PRIOR to program deployment. We want observers present during these trials, as authentic over watch for the entire CDC program and for the care and protection of the PEOPLE on the card that this government has continuously and completely ignored. If the CDC is  harmless, what cost three observers and their reporting fees, to the hundreds of millions already wasted, and the billions in potential waste?


Author: thesaynoseven


One thought on “WHAT DO WE WANT?”

  1. Excellent!

    All men and women are born with inherent Rights and Duties. This (at law) is also referred to as being our legal personality. It is unalienable. At the common law, men and women (as natural persons) are under and protected by, the Crown.

    Australia is a Nation state, created at law and is under the Crown. As a corporation, a juristic entity, a legal person, a body-politic, a jural society. (Incorporated, at law.)

    Men and women are sovereign over both their legal name (Christian/given name/s) and their Family (or surname), at all times. Just as Australia (under International law) is sovereign in it’s own Right, men and women and only after full disclosure and total transparency is provided can choose to consent or to not consent to any and all such Legislation (or whatever ‘concept’ is put to us) and on a case by case basis.

    We all have a need to learn why it is and what it means to be under the Crown and that only legal persons (nation states or states within a nation state and all global companies incorporated under the Crown) can sue and or be sued. Remembering at all times, that men and women have “natural” legal personality (Rights and Duties, at the superior common law) and have the protection of the law administered by the Crown, against tyranny.


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